LASISI ELENU: Complete History, Biography, Family, State Of Origin, Age, Net Worth And Throwback Photos Of Lasisi Elenu

Lasisi Elenu
Lasisi Elenu

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FULL NAME: Nosa Afolabi.
SOBRIQUET: Lasisi Elenu – Sinzu Money, Mama Lasisi, Papa Godspower, Nigeria’s No.1 Ranter.
DATE OF BIRTH: April 20th, 1991.
RELIGION: Christianity & Muslim.
STATE OF ORIGIN: Kwara State, Nigeria.
PARENT: [Citation Needed]
SPOUSE | GIRLFRIEND: None (Single as of 2021).
OCCUPATION: Film Maker, Comedian, Content Creator, Cinematographer, Actor, MC[Master of Ceremony].
GENRE: Freestyle Comedy.
LANGUAGES: Yoruba, Pidgin, English.
LABEL: Self Signed.
YEAR ACTIVE: 2017 – till date.
— Elementary School: loading….
— Middle School: loading….
— High School: loading….
— College: University of Ilorin [UNILORIN].
— COURSE STUDIED IN COLLEGE: Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering.
NET WORTH: $100,000 (as of 2021).
SOURCE OF WEALTH: Film making/comedy, brand deals.
INSTAGRAM: Lasisi Elenu
FACEBOOK: Lasisi Elenu.
TWITTER: Lasisielenu
TIKTOK: Lasisielenu
YOUTUBE: Lasisi Elenu

Nosa Afolabi popularly known as Lasisi Elenu is a Nigerian actor, comedian, entrepreneur and social media influencer well known for his barbie face (Snapchat) filter comics. He earned himself the trademark; “Hello everyone, Lasisi is here” and “something just happened right now”. Lasisi Elenu, just like Taaooma, Maraji, Sydney Talker, Aphricanace (Dami Olatunde), Twyse Ereme, Debo Adebayo, KlintonCOD and many others are well known Nigerian comedians.

Life and career

Early Life

Lasisi Elenu, born Nosa Afolabi in Kano State, Nigeria, hails from Offa in Kwara State. He is a graduate of Health Promotion and Environmental Health Education from the University of Ilorin (Unilorin).


Lasisi Elenu’s skits focus on varying themes from law to cybercrime, the economy, insecurity and philosophy. He didn’t start out as an online comedian. He once had a career in music under the brand name ‘Nature’, he had a single titled “What is the Matter”. However, it appeared he wasn’t making headway in the music industry, hence he started making skits.


Lasisi Elenu is a graduate of Health Promotion and Environmental Health Education from the University of Ilorin.

Film Making


Lasisi Elenu didn’t start out with a huge fan base, in fact, it was his friends and neighbors who saw him perform that encouraged him to take it further. In 2017, he opened an Instagram page under the stage name ‘Lasisi Elenu’; his breakthrough video was the pothole rant video where he comically complained about how rich people react to potholes while driving. This single skit boosted his Instagram followers from 200 to 10,000 within a couple of days. Ever since his number of followers has skyrocketed.


He featured in a 2018 movie titled “Made in Heaven” and in another 2019 movie titled “The Ghost and the Tout”. He also played a role in a comedy movie titled “The Razz Guy”. We might possibly see more of him in the movie industry.

Mama & Papa Godspower

His most recent project, Mama & Papa Godspower, is a series of 16-minute episodes focusing on a low-income household in Nigeria. The last dropped episode from the series is Episode 10.

What is Lasisi Elenu’s Real Name?

The real name of Lasisi Elenu is Nosa Afolabi.

Is Lasisi Elenu From Edo State?

Well, the answer to this is a little bit skeptical. As non-straight as it looks, there seems to be a little connectedness between Lasisi Elenu and Edo/Benin. Either he probably grew up there or one of his parents hails from Edo, suspectedly, the mom. [More Citation Needed]

The Name ‘Lasisi Elenu’

He derived his stage name Lasisi, from his father’s name which he and his siblings considered funny; and ‘Elenu’ from the wide-mouth filter which is his uniqueness in giving his skits.


On June 20th, 2020, Lasisi Elenu a man who claimed to be his father appeared in one of his Instagram video, he introduced himself as Lasisi Afolabi. Lasisi further disclosed that he stole the name ‘Lasisi’ from him (the man) and that he’s yet to complete his Royalty payment to him (the dad) just yet.

He wrote;

No be you be this now, No be you don turn to my guy for street now. After all your gra gra and Action that year 🏃🏾🏃🏾

The beating this man beat me ehn, His favorite quote was “Spare the rod and spoil the child” Daddy na only that quote dem teach you?

Old soldier never dies. Back then when he sends me somewhere he will say just tell me, Tell the person “ Omo Baba Airforce” Meaning “The son of the Airforce Man” that name can shark am ehn.

Happy Father’s Day OG!! How far that your Mama. Mama Itohan 🤦🏽‍♂️


Lasisi Elenu is still single. He once had a girlfriend who broke up with him due to his busy schedule.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Lasisi Elenu is estimated to worth $100,000.

Awards and nominations


Some Lasisi Elenu Comedy Video

Davido Vs Wizkid (Broda Shaggi vs Lasisi Elenu)

When Yahoo Boy/Maga Falls Sick

I Am Finally Changing Church

Two Lawyers Doing Things DIfferently

Throwback Photos of Lasisi Elenu


Lasisi Elenu
Lasisi Elenu





















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