Five (5) Major Mass Extinction Events in Geologic History and the Causes

Hawaii Volcanic Eruption
Hawaii Volcanic Eruption (Credit: Pixabay)

Last Updated on February 13, 2023 by Okoro Daniel O.

In Geology, various geologic occurrences took event. And just like we know that the current Geologic time is Holocene.

Several studies and theories have run into duels of whether COVID-19 would be the end of the Holocene era.

Personally, I feel if Black Death of all occurrences couldn’t wipe the whole world off, then COVID-19 can’t. I mean, with all the advanced technology we are endowed with…

Anyways, here are the five major mass extinction events in Geologic History and their causes.

Major Geologic Extinction Events

  1. End of Ordovician
  2. End of Devonian
  3. End of Permian
  4. End of Triassic
  5. End of Cretaceous

Cause of Major Geologic Extinction Events

  • ORDOVICIAN – Warming, Cooling, Transgressions, Regression.
  • DEVONIAN – Transgression.
  • PERMIAN – Regression.
  • TRIASSIC – Regression.
  • CRETACEOUS – Warming.

That’s it.

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