DAGRIN: Stop The Debate, Dagrin Is A Legend!!


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I was taking a stroll on the internet when I came across this piece; “Is Dagrin really deserving of his legendary status?,” composed and packed by Joy Dennis.

In summary, he concluded that; “fitting Dagrin into the list of Rap legends in Nigeria, as 2pac is to hip-hop (maybe to black community, probably) isn’t worth it. He did also buttress the inequity in the INDUSTRY when it comes to ACCOLADES (and RESPECT, maybe).


Way-back, I was just a kid stuck in a middle of siblings whose entire life-style revolves around hip-hop and it’s every culture. Well, this was as a result of having a Dad whom once traded on “disc business” – so was one of my sibling.
So most times, even if at will I do not want to listen to, or see a particular movie/video, I’m always choice-less (or go join mom in the kitchen 😀 ), cos all the CDs would be reviewed on our CD player at home, to avoid excess customer return and bad reviews from patronisers.

This process got me not only exposed to pops but also it’s culture and any new artist that surfaces in the market. Being a lover of music – I got really familiar with artists, songs, dance steps and I became an analyst too.

Fast forward, first ever set of Dagrin’s songs I heard were “Rap Rules,” “Kowale” feat. PK and “Omo Africa” featuring Wytte. Somewhat around 2008/09, I guess.
“Rap Rules,” was the first ever debut of Dagrin I heard. My brother kept “Rap Rules” on repeat from the night we tested the CD till the CD began skipping (cracking, we call it then. **winks**).
I left home for school, came back and still met my brother jamming the song. Dude, the hit became an anthem in our house. And that was when I discovered an artist called DAGRIN.

As claimed in the article that “lord of Ajasa already did it with Le Fe Nuso” is way too far to be compared to ridges Dagrin made, in fact, it’s a disrespect to Dagrin’s legacy!. – If Lord Of Ajasa fits into that slot, then set of Konga, Style Plus and even Olu Maintain should be included too. And yeah, there was “Lori Le” by X project, also was “Ijoya” – Weird MC, even 9ice’s “Gongo Aso”, and more others, all doing their thing, tryna establish the “Yoruba rap” culture but was never too close. Dagrin brought the real ‘saucy’ local hardcore!

Yes, there was “Le Fenuso” and even “Fokansibe” way back before Grin took over. Remember, in 2017, there was “One Corner” by Patapata, 2018 – “Importanter” by Zamora, 2019 – “Parte after Parte” by Big Tril and more…
But, do you know almost the above listed projects went viral and hardly could listeners remember the owner of voices behind them?. Why?

In a nutshell, if you’re a good music PR, you’d know for sure that it’s very easy to make a blockbuster with single, but takes extra miles to blow an album.
And this was Dagrin when there was nothing like viral usage of internet – where you can run ads to reach millions of audience while laying on your bed. Trust me, I can make a boast he never did PR for the CEO (Parent Advisory) album close what David Adeleke (Davido) did to his “Damiduro” single. Yet, it went viral cos it’s what people needed at the moment. – Apart from already given legendary tags, I think Dagrin should be called “STREET REQUEST,” also.

When Dagrin came, people needed something of their own, something they can easily sing along with. – Dagrin did it. I suggest he should be called “Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time“, also. 😛

People like me sings almost all his songs words for words without missing a single bar. – This got me glued to Olamide Baddo when he began his thing with Rapsodi.

If you’ve been into the culture since when CD tapes was the thing, you’d understand really that; music videos’ CDs sells more than audios’. But Dagrin did his thing without a single video shot and got tons of sales. Hey, not adding “how his death made him even more sales” would render this theory incomplete. So yeah, his demise gave his album more promotional sales, all his debuts, even. But he’s sold enough even before that. People already got familiar with him. Hey, don’t forget, Pon Pon Pon video was released after his death.

Yeah, there was 9iceStyle Plus, Olu Maintain, Konga, elDee, Ruggedman, and many more gingering the industry with hits – Yoruba stuffs. But Dagrin came and showed us that there’s another route that’s got brighter light at the end of it’s tunnel. He did it. Just RAP!

Remember this was Nigeria where when listening to tick pops, you’d be tagged devil’s advocate, all because almost every home is religious!. Can remember how “Kerewa” by Zule Zoo was banned by parents, you can’t even dare sing it in their presence. But Dagrin came, did his thing and people loved it. “Kondo,” despite all the vulgar used, people loved it. And they sang it without fear. It was the revival of culture!

It was Grin! He did it! He got upset with what the industry was pushing out to the world and he formed the new cool thing larger percent of the dawgs in the industry are enjoying today.

Wait, I almost forgot. Do you know that when Grin came with his thing, almost everyone in the industry wants to get a feature with him? From 9ice, to Ruggedman, MI Abaga, Naeto C, Oritse Femi, KSB, even EME crew, and many others… They all wanted Grin in their debuts!, cos he does it differently!

Funny how in Nigeria we hardly place value on our own things. Imagine saying Bruce Lee ain’t a legend in China.

Dagrin came just exactly when he was needed, he did it right, gave people what they needed. – same with Bruce Lee.

And I’d like to make comparism of “Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan” to “Dagrin and Olamide Baddo“.

Lee was giving people what they needed, but death did it’s thing, he short-lived. Jackie came up – started from where Bruce stopped (by giving people what they wanted). He got the crowd and then developed his own genre and they loved it.

Same was Olamide.

So Dagrin is like this father you never had, but misses him a lot cos of stories told about him by your mother.

Enough of the debate, he’s a legend, he earned it and he’s truly worth it. Spare me the THEORIES, please.

Also, yes! Olamide is a living legend, he earned it too. No argument, he’s LEGENDARY!

Meanwhile, if Dagrin was alive till these days, there definitely would be Olamide and there’d be Dagrin. Same thing if there was to be Bruce Lee, there’d be Jackie Chan.

Rest on Grin Baba!


  • Failure to make a proper artist pages for him on all online music stores, including Youtube, Spotify and others. All his projects are f*cking scattered all over the net. Not cool, man. 🙁
  • Failure to create posthumous social media accounts for him, just like Westerners would do for their legends. Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Paul Walker and others.
  • He left, his team refused to move on. No more Sossick, LayLow, YQ, KSB, Dr. Frabs, and others. They could’ve move on!. Or even re-brand the team when TROD came into limelight.

All these can still be fixed! – You can start NOW!

WHO IS DAGRIN? | Biography

Da Grin was a famous indigenous rap artiste. Born on 25 October 1987 in Ogun state. Meanwhile, His prolific rap lyrics in Yoruba language won the hearts of everyone as he carved a niche for himself inspite of the presence of pioneer mother-tongue rappers like ‘Lord of Ajasa’.

Dagrin has featured with several artists which includes Sossick, D.J Spaclare, D.J Neptune, M.I, 9ice, Reminisce,Konga, Omawunmi, TGBT Entertainment, Ruggedman, Kode, OritseFemi, Kenny St. Brown, Sheyman, Dr. Frabz, Frenzy etc..

The “Kondo” crooner’s sojourn was cut short on April 22, 2010 when he died from injuries he sustained in a fatal accident.

Dagrin’s home was in Meiran, Alagbado, Lagos. His style of rapping incorporated Yoruba, English and Pidgin English. In 2010 he was nominated for the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for Best Album (C.E.O.), Hottest Single “Pon Pon Pon”, Best Rap Act and Best Collaboration with vocals.
His album C.E.O. (Chief executive Omota English: Chief Executive Gangster) won the Hip hop World Award 2010 for best rap album.[4] From it came the singles “Pon Pon Pon”, and “Kondo”. Dagrin worked with other Nigerian artists such as Y.Q, 9ice, M.I, Iceberg Slim,omobaba,terry g,code,MISTAR DOLLAR, TMD entertainment, omowumi, chudy k, Bigiano, and Konga. He associated with music producers like Sossick, Dr Frabz, Sheyman, Frenzy and 02.

Dagrin, aged 26, died at exactly 6 pm on Thursday, April 22, 2010, at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, LUTH and was buried on Friday, April 30, 2010, at the Ebony Millennium Private Vault, Atan Cemetery. Continue reading here…

WHO IS TROD? | Biography

Olaonipekun Olatubosun aka TROD is one the promising yet another local(Ibile) rapper in Nigeria music industry whose aim is to complete the unfinished late rapper legend, Dagrin(his older brother)’s project. Trod was born in Ogun State, Nigeria where he lived most his childhood. Trod the young chap is a kid brother to the late Dagrin. He made it to the top 5 finalists at the Olamide’s “Who U Epp” Competition.

Though many artistes in the industry whom once has worked with his elder brother doesn’t seems showing care about his take(decision). Yet, the lad never stop thrilling the atmosphere with dope rap-line just like his late brother to the listening of the general public, most especially those whom never stop missing the exile of the late brother.

Olaonipekun Olatubosun aka TROD has released several hot jams which include; Mule, Won A Gba, Wild Mind, Morenikeji, come online and lots more..

One of his favorite quote is: “If it doesn’t; “Make me HAPPY” “Make me BETTER” “Make me MONEY” – Woh ion f*ck wit’ it

Olaonipekun Olatubosun aka TROD was signed into Misofunyin Entertainment – a record label started by his late elder brother Dagrin before he died. Continue reading here…



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(By Okoro Daniel O. – The only crazy Okoro Daniel O. that can play any type of role).

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Ezuwore Uzezi Simeon
Ezuwore Uzezi Simeon
3 years ago

This is frickin good content right here. I remember when I got flogged for singing “Kondo”

This made me remember a lotta things. Incroyable! ❤️

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