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Remote Jobs For Students: All You Need To Know

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Last Updated on February 13, 2023 by ANE Wiki

In-demand professions for working from home

The world’s largest websites publish new remote jobs from employers every day. In what areas can you earn an income with this form of organization of activity? Here are some examples of work from home:

  • IT: programmers, developers, designers, layout designers, VR specialists, SEO professionals, etc.
  • Finance: accountants, bank specialists, quantity surveyors, project managers, etc.
  • Sales: cold call operators, managers, etc.
  • Administration: transcriptionists, executive assistants, database operators, etc.
  • Media/advertising/marketing: PR specialists, SMM-professionals, copywriters, marketing specialists, editors, journalists, etc.
  • Personnel: recruitment specialists, HR managers, etc.
  • Video/photo/design: web and graphic designers, videographers, photographers, illustrators, editors, video production professionals, etc.
  • Consulting: lawyers, managers, etc.
  • Education: tutors in various subjects, translators, provide help with history, trainers, methodologists, etc.
  • Other: insurance agents, tourism managers, etc.

Ways to find a job at home on the Internet

How to work online from home and earn more than in the office?

There is a myth that telecommuting is the prerogative of inhabitants of megacities. It is not so! The Internet is borderless and is not tied to geolocation. In the world of Global networks, there is no division into big cities and villages. Every job seeker has a chance to prove himself.

Here are a few tried-and-true ways to find the best jobs from home:

  • Talk to management. No employer wants to lose a valuable employee. Start small. Try visiting the office once a week, then keep those visits to a minimum and switch completely to a remote format. Set a goal and strive for it.
  • Register on specialized sites and exchanges. Employment web resources have filters that sort offers based on whether they are on- or off-line jobs. Freelance job exchanges are entirely dedicated to remote work jobs.
  • Contact agencies. There are companies on the market that are dedicated to finding such jobs for job seekers based on their requests. Or you can do simpler things and type the phrase “remote work for + profession” into your browser search bar. You will find a lot of options that satisfy this query. All that remains is to choose the appropriate ones.

Safe Work from Home, or How Not to Get Cheated

Rule number one – never transfer money. Scammers’ schemes are varied: they can ask you to pay for registration in the service, important training, a mandatory fee, direct employer contact, or something else.

You can also do a job with a promised post-payment, send files, and get nothing in return. Be sure to have a contract in place before the assignment to protect yourself and eliminate unpleasant incidents.

Negotiate with the employer ashore and clarify the terms in advance. It is important to find out whether the customer makes out a contract, whether he is ready to make an advance payment, and what exactly needs to be done.

There are free access lists of unscrupulous employers on different websites, and similar data is available at the regional labor inspectorate, as well as in the “black lists” of special portals and chat rooms. The Internet makes it possible to find references from former and current employees, check the form of ownership of the company, the registration form – as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

Each vacancy describes the requirements and operating conditions. If they are suitable for you, feel free to respond. Talk to the employer by telephone or video chat. In a face-to-face conversation, discuss your duties, salary, and benefits once again.

Study the employment contract on remote work, this document is mandatory for the beginning of cooperation. Do not follow the firm’s lead, if they ask you to specify not the actual salary, but the minimum salary. This option is not beneficial for you, because the company saves on taxes, acting not in your favor.

If you are a freelancer, make an offer or contract for each project or order. Ask the customer to fill out the terms of reference, which should reflect the results of the work, the order of interaction, the number of edits, the deadline for completion. With each new or non-permanent customer, it is recommended to receive an advance payment or take money in installments for the project. Document the arrangements and write them in the contract.

Freelancing exchanges practice working through a “safe deal”. In this case, the amount of the freelancer’s fee is frozen in the customer’s account, and money is sent to the performer as soon as the latter has completed the task, and the consumer has accepted the work.

The number of remote job openings in 2021 is up 57% from the end of 2020. Previously, telecommuting was used reluctantly and only in exceptional cases, but now almost anyone can work in this format.

With the right approach and organization, working from home means maximum freedom, minimum stress, saving time, and avoiding unnecessary expenses. And also it is a unique opportunity to work in the company of your dreams. There is no need to live in the capital or abroad, all you need is a laptop with internet access and it is necessary to follow the above-mentioned peculiarities of this activity.

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