35 Businesses You Can Invest/Start In ‘Student/School Area’ In Nigeria

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Last Updated on February 13, 2023 by Okoro Daniel O.

Should you consider starting a business in a student/school area in Nigeria? Should you?

Well, in a business-world, every business person seeks for gain. To make gain, the roll-out range definitely should be high. Come to think of it, between a student area and a normal area, which of them seems more crowd-fill? Your answer is good as ours. We’re certain your answer is “School area!”. This is as a result of having larger needy-group of individuals whom are seems paddled together in a particular geographical location.

But considering the fact that student environment draws larger patronage to a business, it doesn’t imply to all businesses – they’re some certain businesses that works in this area. For instance, a car dealer. A car dealer can end up selling few or no car in a student environment simply because larger percent of students doesn’t need a personal car at that particular moment… “law of WANT and NEED”. A student WANTS a car but NEEDS food.

However, we’ve compiled list of 35 Businesses you can invest in a school or student area. Enjoy!…

1. Football Viewing center

Football Viewing center

Who doesn’t watch football? Larger percent of students, male students especially, are lovers of football, and hardly can afford not streaming their favorite club’s game on play-days. However, not every students can afford the cost of cabled network to watch football. Opening a center where students can patronize and watch games definitely wouldn’t be a bad idea. Also make sure the environment is conducive…


2. Guest House | Hotel

Guest House | Hotel

Contrary to dictionary definition of “hotel” which says; It’s “A building where travellers can pay for lodging and meals and other services”.Hotels isn’t meant for travelers only, residents can also book a space and go have a good time. In this case, some students, sometimes might want to have a chill-out moment, maybe with their partners or alone. Constructing an hotel would be very lucrative. However, you should be price-considerate because not every students has the potential to afford a high-price hotel. Remember to add swimming pool 😀 – STUDENT LOVES IT.


3. Chemist Shop

Chemist Shop

“Health is wealth”. Yes, HOSPITAL is “A health facility where patients receive treatment”, but not all hospital has attached-store for selling drugs and related health materials. A place like Nigeria where you’d have to book a card before being allowed to see a doctor, who would want to visit a hospital because of ordinary headache that can be cured with quick-get-drugs?
So opening a chemist shop in this area would be very welcoming as many students can easily get health-materials within a stone-throw reach. Unfortunately, this type of business isn’t for everyone, but for HEALTH EXPERTS with official licensed certificate. If you’re one, what are you still waiting for? Opt-in and make your dough(money)!
Also remember to include selling of condoms, pads, first-aid materials, etc… You definitely would sell!.


4. Buka | Mama-Put | Hole In The Wall | Canteen

Buka | Mama-Put | Hole In The Wall | Canteen

Not all lecture hours permits cooking in the house before departing for class. Even when a student prepares a dish at home, majority feel embarrass to take it to class, of course, isn’t an higher-institution individuals big boys and big girls already?
Wherefore; starting a food canteen in this area wouldn’t be a bad idea. Don’t forget to make it conducive and welcoming, you’ll sell big.


5. School/Student Materials

School/Student Materials

School/Student and School/Student Materials are like Romeo and Juliet – Yeah, lovers!. They can’t do without each other.
School is the farm, materials are the farm tools/equipment. What’s the point of going to farm without your cutlass, hoe and other farm materials?
This makes school materials essential in this area. Every student needs Pen, Book, Pencil, and every other education accessories before being recognize as a student, like, what’s point of attending lectures without those?


6. Clothing Store | Boutique

Clothing Store | Boutique

Going to college doesn’t mean “don’t change your wardrobe”.  It doesn’t mean “change your wardrobe or turn fashionista, either”.
Apart from entertainers, researches has shown that students are the next category of individuals whom follows trends, and always want to feel among.
Starting a clothing store in this area is a very good thing.


7. Hair/Barbing Saloon

Hair/Barbing Saloon

Who doesn’t want to have a hair-cut? Students shaves and have haircut almost every week.
Wherefore; consider starting a saloon in this area. It’s not necessary you’d be the one cutting the hair. You can rent a shop, design it and hire barbers to be working for you. It’s good as GO.


8. Betting Shop – Bet9ja Shop

Betting Shop - Bet9ja Shop

Again, “who doesn’t love football?”. The love of football brought “Football Betting”. Opening a betting shop in this area wouldn’t be a bad idea also.


9. POS Vendor

POS Vendor

Do you know that majority of college(university) locations in Nigeria are usually far from the town? Well, one of the reason is because of land-area availability.
One would spend almost-beyond pocket before locating a nearby bank in this area. Kicking-off a Point Of Sale service in this in area would be very cool.


10. Provision Store

Provision Store

“Reading without food leads to reading amiss”. Students needs food as much as they need oxygen. Starting a provision store would be pretty amazing. However, don’t just sell milk, milo etc., add Garri, Sugar, Kuli-Kuli, Groundnut and every other materials that makes Garri saucy. 😛


11. Food Stuffs | Farm Produce

Food Stuffs | Farm Produce

Unlike “Provision Store”, this is mainly FOOD STUFFS. Ranging from Yam to Beans and even Rice. Food stuffs brought to the school by a student can’t last throughout a calendar year of a school. Which definitely means there’s gotta be time of refilling…
Venturing into this business in this area is equally lucrative.


12. Selling of Fruits

Selling of Fruits

No, students loves fruits! Just make it attractive, it’s a GO!


13. Cyber Cafe | Computer Center

Cyber Cafe | Computer Center

Photocopying, printing, type-setting, generating remita, online applications, etc.
Students engage service-need of these almost everyday. Starting off a cyber-cafe isn’t gonna be a bad idea. Learn more about how to start Cyber Cafe in Nigeria here….


14. Phone & Computer Accessories

Phone & Computer Accessories

As earlier said; “student loves following latest trends”. That apart, students needs gadgets and it’s accessories for many reasons. Headphones, charger, flash drives, memory card, camera, phone casing, etc…


15. Phone & Computer Repair

Phone & Computer Repair

“Nothing lasts forever”. Meanwhile, rendering fast, economical repair of gadget would help boast your business sales. Students loves reliable and fast services. Do the right thing, and don’t keep them waiting.


16. Gaming Center

Gaming Center

“Gaming Center is a business where one can use a computer connected over a LAN to other computers, primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer computer games. Use of these computers or game consoles costs a fee, usually per hour or minute; sometimes one can have unmetered access with a pass for a day or month, etc. It may or may not serve as a regular café as well, with food and drinks being served.”
School isn’t just about reading books, it’s also for making a LIFE. a gamer at home is a gamer everywhere. Kick off a gaming center and watch students trooping it all in… GOODLUCK.


17. BBQ | Suya | Indomie | Sharwama | Joint

BBQ | Suya | Indomie | Sharwama | Joint

Yes, yes-yo! If you’re not talking about “joints”, then you’re not in a student area. Remember to make it attractive and affordable – don’t call RICH MEN price for STUDENTS.


18. Beer Parlour | Tavern

Beer Parlour | Tavern

“A room in a tavern, hotel, etc in which beer is served”


19. Electrical, Electronic Shop

Electrical, Electronic Shop

Students needs electronic materials, like bulb, fan, sockets, etc.


20. Photography Studio

Photography Studio

“A photographic studio is a workspace to take, develop, print and duplicate photographs.” As far as it’s affordable and standard, it’s a GO.


21. Popcorn | Chin-Chin | Snacks Shop

Popcorn | Chin-Chin | Snacks Shop

Some people can’t do a day without eating snacks. In fact, they can forgo food for snacks. Before lunch, students prefer taking something that’ll get their crying stomach squelched. It’s a lucrative business if well managed.


22. Clothes Sauces (belt, footwears, etc)

Clothes Sauces (belt, footwears, etc)

This includes ties, belts, caps, etc.


23. Gymnastics Center

Gymnastics Center

“Gymnastics is a sport that includes physical exercises requiring balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance. The movements involved in gymnastics contribute to the development of the arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest, and abdominal muscle groups.”
Opening a center where these activities can be done is definitely lucrative. Students loves maintaining their body-structure. They definitely would love it.


24. Printing Press

Printing Press

“A printing press is a mechanical device for applying pressure to an inked surface resting upon a print medium, thereby transferring the ink.”
In institution, some students are writers. Opening a printing press in this area definitely would be helpful. However, this doesn’t mean only printing of Books, you can extend it to printing of school materials and more…


25. Installation of Cabled Channels | Satellite Dish

Installation of Cabled Channels

Some students can’t afford, while some can. Cabled channels/network (dish installation, popularly called) is another lucrative business one can start around student areas without little or no capital.


26. Small Chop (Pap, Bread, Akara, Fried Yam, etc.)

Small Chop (Pap, Bread, Akara, Fried Yam, etc.)

QUICK-BREAKFAST! – EVENING-SIP!! Even apart from students, normal environment loves it.


27. Sales of Furniture Works

Sales of Furniture Works

This includes bed stand, fancy wooden chairs, etc.


28. Sales of House Decorations

House Decorations

This includes paint, wall clocks, chandelier, etc.


29. Shoe Making | Cobbler

Shoe Making | Cobbler

“Shoemaking is the process of making footwear.” Make shoes and sell, repairing and more… Quite stressful but worth it.


30. Sales of Jewelries, Fashion Materials, Wearable…

Sales of Jewelries, Fashion Materials, Wearable

This goes all the way to female students. When it comes to fashion, female counterparts are usually considered as the ANCESTORS of bling bling 😀 😛
Since the population stats has it that; “females are more than males”, then starting off a fashion shop would be a GO.


31. Pay For Charge | Power Supply

Pay For Charge | Power Supply

Power or electricity supply in Nigeria has been of the major issue facing the country. With this, people need where they can power their devices. You can open a shop where they’d charge and you’ll charge them a certain amount of money for service.


32. Mini-gas filling shop

Mini-gas filling shop

Transporting from school area to town where standard Gas station is situated isn’t only stressful but time consuming and money-wastage. Opening a shop where refilling of gas cylinder can be done is but amazing. Almost all the students uses gas, and they refill almost everyday.


33. Bole & Groundnut Joint

Bole -Roasted Plantain & Groundnut Joint

More like a small-chop shop but quite different. It can be just a tented-place with a chair. “Bole
” means “Roasted Plantain”. Students loves it.


34. Car Wash Center

Car Wash Center

Lecturers, students’ transport services, commuters, etc. All need where to wash their engine-bodies. It’s definitely lucrative.


35. Book Shop | Stationery

Book Shop | Stationery

“A shop where books are sold”


Bonus/Honorable Mention: Church, Transport Services.

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