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Top 9 Documentaries to Watch on Netflix This Year


Last Updated on February 13, 2023 by ANE Wiki

Netflix is as impressive as it gets once it refers to documentaries. It has it all: crime, history, and sports.

It’s almost excessive. It’s gotten to the stage where it’s too much. So if you don’t like being sucked into the eternal scroll, we’ve compiled a list for you. These are a few of our top Netflix documentaries, organized by category.

Documentaries, on the whole, center towards something more particular and scientific. You’ll notice a lot of topics that deal with public issues. It includes a variety of themes, including social concerns, politics, and crime. People are more interested in them than in private and personal issues.

We have gathered the nine best documentaries on Netflix right now globally. However, suppose any particular one is not available in your region as VeePN unblocks Netflix no matter what country you live in. In that case, a VPN can provide users access to a global Netflix collection, allowing you to view lots of new TV shows and movies. Therefore use VPN and have endless fun with unlimited access!


1. Fyre

Fyre Documentary

One of the new documentaries on Netflix is Fyre. Even if you have previously seen the craziness of this true horror narrative on Hulu, you must watch it on Netflix once more. Fyre Fraud of Hulu seems rather like a hit piece aimed at the millennial consumers who had been duped into attending a great music festival on a remote island. At the same time, Fyre on Netflix seems to do a pretty good job of immersing you in the event, offering you a sense of the commotion and how some people might have been drawn into this disastrous enterprise.


2. Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé

Homecoming A Film By Beyoncé

Last year, Beyoncé’s historic Coachella appearance prompted the fest to be renamed Beychella. Still, now those who couldn’t manage to watch Queen Bee sing life can receive backstage access to the spectacle with this documentary. Are there any standout performances, jam, or choreography? Absolutely. But that is the close peek viewers have in Beyoncé’s private life, both her unexpected pregnancy to the battle to get in form just before the festival, and everything in between, which lets this music documentary stand out, aside from its actor’s skill.


3. Get Me Roger Stone

Get Me Roger Stone

To comprehend the riddle that was Donald Trump’s political campaign, one must comprehend the person behind the historical media blitz. Roger Stone is a connected Republican campaign volunteer who worked for ex-president Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan’s elections. He’s no stranger to navigating ethically thorny waters in need to aid his horse to finish the championship, and we witness him do exactly so in this documentary, which tracks the tycoon over the course of five years as he builds Trump’s victorious campaign.


4. The Battered Bastards Of Baseball

The Battered Bastards Of Baseball

Another sports documentary, this one is about a mishmash of ballplayers in Oregon, which is a lot more entertaining as compared to its wrestling cousin. The documentary tracks the Portland Mavericks, a disbanded minor baseball team that competed in the Division A-Short Season Northwest League spanning five seasons and was sponsored by star Bing Russell. Bing’s son, Kurt Russell, was also a team member and worked as its VP. The Maverick’s beginnings are traced throughout the film, being outcasts to anti-establishment heroes.


5. Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell

Biggie I Got A Story To Tell

This fascinating documentary, made out of rare home films from Christopher “Biggie” Wallace’s closest friend, Damion “D-Roc” Butler, provides fans a new perspective on the legendary rapper. Sean “Diddy” Combs and Biggie’s mother also provide interviews, revealing details about Biggie’s background that we didn’t know before, but it’s D-amateur Roc’s films that are the most intriguing. These recordings provide an unvarnished glimpse into the life of a guy who would go on to become such a hero.


6. 13th


During Oscar season last year, Ava DuVernay’s 2016 documentary received the Award and then was nominated. The video documents the criminal law system’s mistreatment of black individuals, arguing that entrenched racism exists in America, only exacerbated by the jail system. In addition, DuVernay openly investigates how jails and detention facilities benefit from free prison labor, the majority of which is performed by men of color, raising questions of whether slavery is genuinely abolished.


7. Taylor Swift: Miss Americana

Taylor Swift: Miss Americana

Taylor Swift’s fanatical audience would have devoured a slick, stylized, shallow documentary depicting her lifestyle to advertise her current album. Rather, the pop singer decided to take a chance and gave filmmakers total access to her professional and personal life, conducting candid interviews on herself and her household, disclosing her tough challenges with body dysmorphic disorder as well as eating problems, enabling cameras from within her sexual abuse trial, uncovering her mother’s diagnosis of cancer, and excavating home surveillance video from her childhood to generate an insightful documentary. It’s a movie that shows the person behind the symbol. It’s daring and sincere, as it features some of Swift’s best work.


8. Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral, directed by Jeff Orlowski, is among the few ecological warrior films that do far more for the subject. The film brings together a group of researchers, filmmakers, and swimmers from all over the system to bring attention to a never-before-seen ecological problem: the disappearance of the world’s coral. It consists of 2 levels: taking us on an aquatic trip that aims to illuminate the deep’s secrets while also emphasizing an issue that we see through our sights. There was no rejecting it, no backing away, and Orlowski’s team made the most of it.


9. Casting JonBenet

Casting JonBenet

In this pseudo-documentary from filmmaker Kitty Green, ‘nineties criminal sentimentality is alive and kicking. Since everyone remembers how tiny model queen JonBenet Ramsey fell — brutally murdered in the attic of her house — Green seems to be keener in replaying her lifestyle and last events than revisiting the inquiry into her murder. To accomplish so, she sought the help of local actors who are all eager to play JonBenet or the family in a future show. These actors are bound to face the truth of the Ramsey family’s plight throughout the documentary, allowing audiences to see behind the facade of this sensational drama.



Now that you have complete knowledge of the best documentaries on Netflix, what’s stopping you? Stream it now to have an exquisite experience and an insight into the lives of the most influential people!

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