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10 Facts About Mario You Don’t Know

Super Mario
Super Mario

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March 10 is the day when all fans of Mario games honor their favorite Nintendo character. If you’ve played Mario or Super Mario online emulator, you know about the many ups and downs of this hero, but there are some facts that even the most devoted Mario fans don’t know about. Next, we tell you 10 facts about Mario. You will definitely learn something new!

The game appeared in Donkey Kong

In 1981, Shigeru Miyamoto created Donkey Kong. The big monkey threw dangerous barrels, and the players controlled the Jumper, the task was to dodge the shells to save the princess. Later, Jumpman was renamed Mario.

Miyamoto originally wanted to create a game about Popeye with the participation of the titled sailor, Brutus and Olivia. Nintendo couldn’t get a license, so they created Donkey Kong, Jumpman and, of course, the Princess instead.

Mario is a real person in Washington State

In 1981, Nintendo leased a warehouse in Tukwila to be the American headquarters. Mario Segale broke into the offices of Nintendo, which made an impression. Segale’s clothes and height have influenced Mario’s appearance for many years. Mario was not very tall and wore suspenders, not overalls.

Sigale passed away a few years ago, but he went down in history thanks to his incarnation in the game.

Mario had 12 professions

For 35 years, Mario has repeatedly changed his occupation. He started as a carpenter in Donkey Kong, only then he was made a plumber. We also saw him handing out pills to a doctor, that is, he was a doctor. Let’s list all his classes:

  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Doctor
  • Racer
  • Master of Martial Arts
  • Baseball player
  • Soccer player
  • Basketball player
  • Professional golfer
  • Tennis player
  • Builder
  • Olympic athlete

In Donkey Kong Junior, Mario was an evil character

This game was a sequel to the Donkey Kong. Mario got tired of Donkey Kong’s kidnappings and put him in a cage. Donkey Kong Jr., of course, decided to save his dad. Players play as a monkey all levels to save Donkey Kong from Mario.

Nintendo has made a small redesign. Mario has a big nose, a protruding chin and a curly mustache. He looked like a villain from movie screens. With a purple hat and shirt, he will become a Valuigi.

Mario’s main enemy could be a bull

Miyamoto was influenced by the cartoon Alakazam the Great, so he imagined the bull as Mario’s main enemy. But the drawings of the bull, according to fellow designer Takashi Tezuka, were more like a turtle. Then both creators worked together, smoothing out the turtle-like leader of the Coop. And he became Bowser.

Listening without invitation

Charles Martine is familiar to all fans by his voice. He has voiced Mario, Luigi, Vario, Valuigi, in addition to this and other characters of the Mushroom Kingdom since 1995. A friend persuaded him to go to an audition in Las Vegas, although Charles himself was not invited there. Martinet might not even have time. The film crew was already packing up the equipment. But he was allowed to try out the role.

They said this: “You are an Italian plumber from Brooklyn, a character in the video game. You need to come up with a voice, a video game and start saying “They were going to use a real-time animation system. Martinet had to cover the sensors to his face so that Mario’s face would react to his movements. It was necessary to talk to people passing by.

Martinet wanted to use a rough New York accent. Then he changed the emphasis to a lighter one, he decided that this is a friendlier character, because you need to communicate with children. Martinet started talking and didn’t stop until the tape ran out. This record soon got to the Nintendo headquarters, by the way, no other records were sent, Martin was the best option.

Mario has set several world records

After 35 years, Mario has set many records. Here are the most famous:

  • Charles Martinet, voicing Mario, became the record holder for the number of voicing of the game
  • Super Mario Bros is also the first movie based on the game.
  • Mario is also the longest-running character in the game.
  • Mario is the best-selling game for the entire existence of the gaming industry.

Mario kills Toads

The backstory of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario is very dark. The kingdom of the mushroom people was suddenly invaded by the Coop. This is a tribe of turtles with black magic. Peace-loving Mushroom People have become stones, bricks and field plants, so the Mushroom Kingdom has fallen into decline.

The magic spell can be canceled by the Princess Grebe, who is the daughter of the Mushroom King. But the princess is a prisoner of the king of the Kupa tribe.

Mario found out about the situation of Mushroom People, so he went on a search. He is going to free the Princess from the evil turtles and restore the kingdom of the Mushroom People.

There is a certain sense in the fact that bricks and evil plants are toads. The plants have a similar color, and this explains why sometimes the player gets a mushroom by clicking on a block.

Mario has no last name

Fans have been thinking about Mario and Luigi’s surnames for a long time. Nintendo said in the end that the brothers do not have a surname. But in the movie creators found a way out of this situation. Mario and Luigi are Mario’s brothers in the movie. Therefore, the full names of the plumbers are Mario Mario and, of course, Luigi Mario. The creator of the game Miyamoto considers this part of the film funny, but not canonical.

“I was laughing pretty loudly about it. But the famous Mickey Mouse doesn’t have a surname, and Mario is also just Mario, and Luigi is Luigi.”

Mario is at the level of Madonna or Cher, so he does not need a surname. When someone says Mario, the other immediately understands who they are talking about.

By the way, the princess in the movie was called Daisy for some reason, not Peach.

Mario has played more than 255 games and this is not the end

There are many basic Super Mario games. For example, party games, mobile games and computer, educational games.

Mario is still growing. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury was recently released. Fans are waiting for more games!


We are glad if you have learned new facts about this Nintendo game. It is very strange and interesting to see the history of its creation and development. If we missed some interesting fact, then you can share it in the comments!

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