15 Hobbies You Can Create With/Without Your Mobile Phone When Bored Instead Of Social Media

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During boredom, different thoughts tends to occupy our mind. Some of the thoughts, sometimes can be very annoying especially when it gets to remind us about a moment we’re already getting healed from but got brought back as a result of boredom-ness.
However, social media during these moments most times doesn’t help us get through because our timeline might be filled with tons of updates that’ll make us even more bored.

Well, worry not much, we’ve got you covered with things you can do when bored. Wait, have you seen list of 35 business you can start in student area? Check out here…

Here’s list of 15 things you can do when bored;

1. Reading


Reading has been one of the ancient method of getting information. Right from stone age till/to CE (common era), people who read are often recognized in the society – since reading brings about understanding, while understanding brings communication.
Don’t let boredom clothe your regular attitudes, instead, get yourself an interesting novel and flip through while digesting every ink labelled in. You might even end up realizing “Reading” as your hidden hobby. 🙂


2. Gaming.


“People(soldier) come, people go, – Gaming remains the barrack that wouldn’t make a shift. GAMING LIVES ON!.” Wrap that boredom up, grab a PAD (gaming pad) and get your hands dancing on it while romancing the keys…
Well, gaming, not necessarily video games, you can try out other genre of games, like LUDO, WHOT, CHESS, etc. Gaming doesn’t only cure boredom, it makes you SMART also.


3. Write Blog Post.

Write Blog Post

“Consumption without burning calories might lead to OBESITY” – says health experts. Must you continue reading without dishing something out? Instead of letting boredom chop you up, why not choose a topic and write something about it, then submit it to blogs/magazines as “Opinion”.


4. Photography (Take Random Footage And Edit Them).

Photography (Take Random Footage And Edit Them)

This time, it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert in photography or not. Thanks to technology, with your smartphone – good camera and tons of handy photo editing apps available on app stores, you can easily perform abracadabra on your photos at ease while laying on your comfort zone.


5. Study Dictionary. (Develop new words).

Study Dictionary. (Develop new words)

No, you can’t always know enough, NEVER! As long as you interact with other people in the world, you will always come across words you haven’t seen/heard before. Now that you’re bored, don’t you think it’s time you ponder on new words?


6. Study Programming Language.

Study Programming Language

Being a jack of all trades is fun, isn’t it? Yes, Programming Language is “a language designed for programming computers.” Still, it’s meant to be deciphered by human, isn’t it? Why not keep yourself busy studying new alien communication codes. 😛


7. Make Schedules Or Documentary.

Make Schedules Or Documentary

Oh, YES! Now that you’re bored, it’s high time you make frames for your life, proper. Get yourself a note and make schedules for yourself. Or still, a documentary. Reminisce over good old days and how you managed to survived those bad days, too.


8. Learn How To Cook.

Learn How To Cook

Are you a lazy cook? Oh, yeah! Now it is the time to top-up your game by learning how to cook delicious meals. SHAME YOUR FLOUTERS!


9. Keep Your Phone Clean (mails, caches, photos, videos etc.)

Keep Your Phone Clean (mails, caches, photos, videos etc.)

When last did you surf through all the contents on your phone gallery? Especially those screenshots, and saved photos from the internet? How relevant and accurate do you think some of them are? C’mon, go fish them out – free your phone & email & space, too.


10. Listen To Music.

Listen To Music

Here comes another ancient method of overcoming bored-moments, MUSIC! Make yourself a playlist, surf through Youtube, Spotify, and many other music stores – with your headset slugged on, kick out the BOREDOM!


11. Rearrange Your Room.

Rearrange Your Room

Dude, when last did you re-arranged your room? During Yuletide (Christmas)? No, man! It’s been a while you’ve done something important in your house apart from your routine chores. Now that you’re bored, here’s the TIME. GET THAT ROOM RE-ARRANGED!


12. Play (Your) Favorite Game With Friends.

Play (Your) Favorite Game With Friends

Unlike gaming, as earlier mentioned in our list, here – “with friends.” It can be football/soccer game, tennis, etc..


13. Build Your Physique.

Build Your Physique

Are you comfortable with that fat tummy of yours? Don’t you think it’s high time you chop off some calories and develop some dope structure for your body?


14. Train Your Pet.

Train Your Pet

Pets are one of the most closest creatures that understands almost everything about human being – when it comes to RELATIONSHIP/RELATIVITY. However, the understanding between human and pets lies on the training given to them. Now that you’re going through bored-moment, why not train your pet?


15. Watch Movie.

Watch Movie

Movie – “A form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement.” Have you seen the latest movie? What about that 1980 movie? Hey, don’t just sit there, go stream MOVIES!


Do you agree with our picks? React in the comment section below…

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