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Plagiarism is one of the greatest and most common problems these days. There is an infinite amount of word count on the internet written on all sorts of niches. Considering the amount of content on the web, it has become exceedingly difficult for writers to create unique content. According to statistics, every blog or post on the web tends to have a small percentage of accidental plagiarism in it. 

Now you might have heard about tons of online tools that can help you check and avoid plagiarism. Today we would not be telling you about online plagiarism checker tools. Rather we would get you information for the tools that can help you remove plagiarism from your work.

The process of unplagiarizing content is also known as paraphrasing. You must know that paraphrasing is the restating of content in one’s own words. You must know that you can surely change the words and the phrases of duplicate content in paraphrasing. Still, you have to ensure that you keep intact the main idea/meaning of the content. 

The best paraphrasing tools!

Manually rephrasing/paraphrasing content can take a lot of time and effort. If you are not an expert in paraphrasing, you can easily use the best paraphrasing tools to restate the content uniquely.


Article rewriter- RewriteGuru

This paraphrasing tool is one of the best ones for getting rid of plagiarism. You must know that the article spinner by RewriteGuru can easily help you change the words, the synonyms, and even the sentence structure of the duplicate content. The tool uses AI to paraphrase old content into a new one, and this is why its results are quite promising. One thing that you have to take care of is the quality of content. There are only a few online paraphrasing tools that can get you readable plus plagiarism-free content.

This article rewriter has three different spin options, including Ultra spin, Smart spin, and Manual spin. You can choose the desired module according to your own choice.



Spin Rewriter

The spin rewriter tool is also one of the best technologies for spinning content into fresh outputs. This paraphrasing tool uses AI and ENL technology to understand your input content’s main idea before it spins and creates a new output. This tool is ranked among the best spinner tools because it can paraphrase more than a thousand articles in one go. The bulk paraphrasing feature is one of the best ones that you can find online.

The spin rewriter tool has gathered a lot of fame for its photo-integration feature. This tool can spin text and images to give the overall blog/site a fresher look. You can try this spinner on all sorts of devices!



The Best Spinner 4

As the name intends, the best spinner is another service that can help you create the best quality and fresh content based on duplicate articles. You must know that the ‘4’ in this tool’s title tells us that the tool’s current version is the fourth one. This means that the paraphrasing tool is regularly updated and refined, and improved to create the most professional results. The best spinner can be used in more than 14 different languages, making it more versatile. Another good thing about this best spinner 4 is that it can rephrase and spin a single content input in more than a hundred different ways.

You can also generate an audio clip of the paraphrased article with the help of text-to-speech technology.



Chimp Rewriter

This is an Australian paraphrasing tool that can help you not only in getting rid of plagiarism but also in generating SEO content. Chimp Rewriter is the best service because it uses NLP and AI to create new content. Because of the use of both of these technologies, chimp rewriter can easily help you create content that would be better than many professional writers. This rewriter tool also has the potential to add images and videos to your content.



Spinner Chief

This is the top paraphrasing tool for your PC. You can use this spinner online, and you can also get it for your desktop. You would be relaxed to know that this spinner program also uses AI to create new content. The human quality content that it generates can help you create credible posts for your website. Plagiarism checker and grammar checker tools can easily check this tool’s output results for finding out all sorts of mistakes.

The paraphrasing tool works in more than twenty different languages. The WordPress integrations of this tool help a user in publishing a blog directly to your WordPress site. You can use the free version of this tool for a trial, and you can also connect with a paid package offered by this tool.


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