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Traveling abroad is exciting, yet it requires a plan to store your belongings beforehand. One cannot carry heavy things on a long journey.

Packing luggage is an art itself, this article makes you an artist by giving you some guides about the storage solution while moving abroad. 

So, there are some easy-to-follow tips to store your belongings.

1. Select the right boxes and storage supplies

It is common to put all your stuff in bags and boxes. It requires specific packages for the stuff. There are a few types of containers that one should know to organize one’s stuff accordingly.

Cardboard Boxes

These cardboard boxes are cheap, long-lasting, and can be reused.

Plastic Bins

These plastic boxes with sealable lids are resistant, easily assembled, and prevent moisture.

Specialty Boxes

These boxes are for delicate belongings and are used for packing sensitive items.

2. Sizes of boxes

The correct size box will ease the packing

Small-Size Boxes

Small items that do not have weight can be packed in these boxes. The small-size boxes with dimensions of 16 x 12.5 x 12.5. are suitable for small-size stuff.

Medium-Size Boxes

The boxes having 18 x 18 x 16 dimensions are best for packing medium-size items.

Large-Size Boxes

These boxes carry 70 pounds and are suitable for packing large and extra items that don’t fit in other containers.

If you are trying to get new boxes online, Amazon actually sells them. The bonus is that when they ship them to you you’ll get a whole extra box free with the order!

3. Get your boxes and bins labeled

It would be convenient to label your storage boxes and bins to see the things without opening them. Use a permanent marker and long-lasting tape so that the text doesn’t vanish.

4. Clean the stuff before packing

Dust can fade the shinning of furniture or other stuff. Clean it well, before putting it into the box.

Dry out every material to avoid fungus.

5. Divide larger objects into pieces

The more oversized furniture or stuff will occupy more space. Break down the larger into small pieces for getting less space.

For example, break down the more oversized lamps and decoration pieces, but divide them so that you can quickly assemble them in a new house.

6. Don’t pack foodstuff

Don’t pack cooked food or jams, pickles, etc., as traveling takes time and these foods will ruin after a short span.

7.Place delicate clothes carefully

Heavy dresses must be packed carefully, always put them in hard sheet covers to avoid them from tangling.

8.Don’t ignore your car

If you’re traveling abroad for some time and worried about your car, here are some hacks on self-storing your car.

Put the car in the facility’s dedicated parking area or their garage-sized unit. If you want to reuse your vehicle and prevent it from bugs and rodents. Follow these simple steps:

  • Put air in the tires.
  • Fill the tank and add a fuel stabilizer.
  • Change the oil and block any holes including the exhaust pipe.

9. Find a removal company

The quickest and most effortless approach to discovering a good removal company to take your belongings from your home into storage is to look for services accessible near you online. Typically, the closer you are to a removal business and the shorter the trip is, the less expensive the removal will be.

Because some removal firms charge by the hour, it’s better to have all of your belongings packed and ready to go into storage before they arrive.

However, if you require assistance with this phase, several businesses provide such services; create an accurate estimate of the amount of work needed and contact several companies to compare pricing.

10. Climate-controlled storage for fragile items

Keep in mind the season in which you’ll be storing your belongings. Extreme cold and heat can damage your stored items drastically. Certain items will last longer in a climate-controlled or temperature-controlled environment.

Here are some of the benefits of using a climate/temperature-controlled unit:

  • Your upholstery fabrics and clothes wouldn’t be stinky.
  • Maintain the condition of your wood furniture.
  • Preventing moisture damage to your appliances and electronics
  • Protect your valuable books, magazines, and documents.

Tip: For those chilly, snowy months, look for a unit with convenient drive-up access.

11. Carry-on luggage essentials

What is permissible to take in carry-on luggage differs from airline to airline. It is essential to read the terms and conditions before booking the flight.

  • Liquid in clear bottles up to 100ml in quantity is permissible on most airlines
  • Sharp objects are prohibited
  • Clothing and material furnishings
  • Ornaments and electronics are allowed
  • Keep in mind that your hand luggage must meet the airline’s requirements for size and weight. It weighs about 10kg and is about 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

12. Avoid putting the following things in a storage unit

It is essential to know what not to put in a storage unit.

Don’t leave food or quickly spoilt things behind to avoid mold, pests, and damage to your belonging.

Avoid storing illicit and dangerous material such as drugs, propane tanks, acids, or anything that can go off or burn and cause harm to your belongings.

Make sure to not let any living thing, be it animals left behind. It could be dangerous for their lives.

13. Carefully pack your stuff for travel

It is pretty problematic to protect your items from damage while traveling abroad. It might be a difficult task, but here you can follow some steps to get out of this worry.

  • Adequately cover your furniture to avoid scratches, stains, or marks; tie up cords around the electronic appliances, and fetch smaller ones in your luggage.
  • For fragile pieces, use bubble wraps to make them secure
  • Make sure to wrap toiletries carefully to avoid any mishaps or it may spoil other items.
  • Dry out any moisture present on furniture to make it free from damage.
  • Dry clean your sofas and cushions, as they will look clean when you will open up
  • Cover the furniture with plastic sheets to save them from dust, if you are storing it


Moving abroad can be quite a nerve-tightening procedure, but you can make your shifting quick and easy with easy and clever tricks. The perfect storage solutions, described in this article, will solve your problems thus giving budget-friendly guidance.

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